Congratulations to you!
A man alone in an ancient cottage on a tiny windswept island has composed several beautiful songs. And you- perhaps by good fortune or the gentle spread of word of mouth- lucky, lucky you have stumbled upon this wondrous album.

If you are on a coffee break or casually searching for something to interest you, for goodness sake give this a listen. If you are busy, write the name down and come back to it.

The vision & talent of I'Anson has quietly drawn attention and input from several esteemed musicians... yet this should not distort the truth that this is ultimately music made by one man. Nevertheless, the rich landscape of emotion and sublime melodies conveyed through a single album may make that hard for you to believe.

This is an album that will refresh you. Very much still a secret, it is far from the mainstream - your friends, colleagues and partner will not have heard of I'Anson, and they will actually be interested to hear about your new favourite artist. Make them listen to it too, and they will be enraptured.

Just give it a quick listen.