and thank you for visiting I'Anson.  A while back, I moved to the Isle of Jura in Scotland.  Having worked in engineering, management consultancy and brand communications, I'd got to the point when I knew I should pursue something that was 'mine' rather than lining the pockets of the shareholders who I worked for.  And when it came down to it, I realised that my passion had never really been in business, but in the arts, specifically music.

Since a very early age I have been writing and recording music. But I'd never really committed to it - whether through lack of time, opportunity, money or perhaps confidence. So rather than take the next logical step in my career, I decided that I had more important things to do.

Music. Music meant a new type of life. A life with freedom, a life that prioritised creativity, resourcefulness and craft over materialism.

And I new exactly the place where I could start this sort of life.

My family on my fathers side go way back on the Isle of Jura in Scotland. For the last two generations the family had rented a small, very, very basic cottage on the island. No electricity or mod cons. We camped out in it on our holidays each year. I had bought the place with the aim of modernising and extending it - but, from the end of a phone line from London, had completely failed to get any builders interested in the project.

The Cottage, Isle of Jura

The Cottage, Isle of Jura


The need to work on the cottage combined with some music that was emerging and an idea formed. Sell up. Buy myself some time. A year to rebuild and extend the house and a year to write and record the music. A chance to live on Jura. Could I really? It was irresistible.

So I spent the next few years as a builder in Jura (it was longer and harder than I had planned!) and then embarked on the music. By this time the music had been further shaped by my experience of living rough in the elements while doing my building. A completely unique set of circumstances and a revolution in my life. I decided to release the music under the name I'Anson (we've always pronounced it 'ion-son') from my grandfather on my mothers side, Hugh I'Anson Fausset, who was an academic, writer and poet, and who had always somehow represented the artistic side of my DNA.

Hugh in the new studio under construction

Hugh in the new studio under construction


It turns out that my hunch was right about Jura being the perfect place to write and record.  To make In Chances of Light I have also been incredibly fortunate to work with some great musicians - you'll read about it all in this site. And made sizeable steps on a steep personal learning curve in writing and producing. But perhaps even more fortunate was to meet Jane - we married, and to now have a daughter, Grace.  We've decided to try to make a go of it on the island. For creative work, a new studio building is under construction - ridiculously ambitious on my part, and I just hope I can eventually complete it.

During this time I have also been making short films for people, providing useful creative exercise and necessary additional income. This combined with my building and childcare duties mean that, for now, the music production is slowed down dramatically. Whilst frustrating in some respects, I think it does allow the music to develop more strongly over time - perhaps a bit like a good wine or whisky. There's lots of music in progress and so a follow up to In Chances of Light is in the works, but not imminent.  Please subscribe if you'd like to be notified of the next release.

Thanks so much for your interest. The music has been described by some as a labour of love, which I guess is true, and I very much hope that you love it too.





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